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Document Comparison and Classification   Aishah Amir

Document Comparison and Classification

100 страниц. 2010 год.
LAP Lambert Academic Publishing
Nowadays, with the rapid introduction of new technologies, new and more robust plagiarism detectors are being made. But the problem is that not all plagiarism detectors are free. This project aims at developing a plagiarism detector which will be usable for everyone and which will be free. This system will be developed using JAVA as the main programming language. There will be three major parts in this project namely a search engine, a plagiarism detector and a database to classify these documents. As a database, the system will be using MySql as MySql is more reliable and more easily used. But overall, all about the system will be written in Java. Java is the most used language in any field nowadays. That is why Java was opted. This development of a ‘Document Comparison and Classification’ system is intended to facilitate the comparing of two documents in order to know the amount by which that document has been plagiarized. This system will also help tutors, lecturers and other...
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