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Evaluation of Electronic Sources of Information in Physics:   Dr.B.T. Sampath Kumar

Evaluation of Electronic Sources of Information in Physics:

296 страниц. 2010 год.
LAP Lambert Academic Publishing
The Industrial revolution and advances in Information and Communication Technology resulted in the explosion of published information, in the form of books, journals, conference proceedings etc. Variety of print and electronic indices have been developed to retain the control over this growth and to facilitate quick identification of relevant information. With the emergence of the Internet and the Web, today we are witnessing explosion of electronic information sources. The resources available on the web have increased dramatically in terms of both quality and variety. It has opened up new opportunities for the information professionals, publishers, authors and the common users to meet the growing challenges that are being faced by them under the fast changing scenario. One of the most serious and widespread objections against information found on the World Wide Web is that of the information quality in many cases are doubtful. In this context this research project aims to evaluate...
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