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An Improved Fuzzy PD-Like Controller for MIMO Twin Rotor System   Thair Mahmoud,Tang Hong and Mohammad Marhaban

An Improved Fuzzy PD-Like Controller for MIMO Twin Rotor System

156 страниц. 2012 год.
LAP Lambert Academic Publishing
This book investigates the use of ANFIS-Self Tuning Fuzzy PD-like Controller, which tolerates the control objectives and compromises the required computation resources. The discussed control strategy has been utilised to achieve control objectives on one- and two- degrees of freedom of a highly non-linear system (Twin Rotor MIMO System). The book also includes the Fuzzy and Self Tuning Fuzzy controllers design. In addition, it details controllers' modelling steps including the data clustering and ANFIS training. This book shows how Fuzzy rules have been reduced when Fuzzy Subtractive Clustering Method based ANFIS modelling is applied, meanwhile controllers performance is improved. The scientific material in this book justifies the concerns about the needed computation (memory and processing time), where a compromised selection for the parameters that would affect the system's performance and their needed computation resources has been applied.
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