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Designing Emergency Management Training Sessions for C3Fire   Muteer Arshad and Tehman Pervaiz

Designing Emergency Management Training Sessions for C3Fire

124 страниц. 2011 год.
LAP Lambert Academic Publishing
C3Fire is an emergency management simulation system, used to develop team decision making skills and to provide an opportunity for researchers to perform research in a controlled (simulated) environment. Training is a crucial task for developing skills to tackle with emergency situation. The purpose of this thesis is to develop decision making skills by keeping focus on two major areas, namely; making prioritizations and searching information using UAV & Non UAV. Success of dealing with emergency management situation mostly depends on these training factors. Training sessions are designed on the basis of literature study and research work, hence capable of achieving desired goals i.e. making prioritizations & searching information during emergency situations. In this thesis, theory part discusses literature about C3Fire and theoretical framework explains different terminologies and methods used in emergency management. Training sessions and their analysis is...
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