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Software Testing Process in Agile development   Ahsan Nawaz and Kashif Masood Malik

Software Testing Process in Agile development

76 страниц. 2010 год.
LAP Lambert Academic Publishing
Software testing is the most important process to verify the quality of a product. This research work focuses on the controversial issue of Software testing process in Agile development methods. Agile development could be more refined with an addition of a proposed independent integrated software testing team. Along with the identification of the practices of Agile development in literature and industry, the book also highlights the most critical issues faced in industry while practicing Agile development. This book can be beneficial for students and for people who want to take an insight into Agile development. Managers can read this book in order to understand a different approach to manage their test teams in agile development. This book is most helpful to those who want to learn about difference between conventional and agile development, different agile methods, their working, their practices, and almost every aspect of software testing process in agile...
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