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Cloud Computing - Trends and Performance Issues   Srinivasreddy Pandiri,Ali Al-Refai and Lars Lundberg

Cloud Computing - Trends and Performance Issues

88 страниц. 2012 год.
LAP Lambert Academic Publishing
Cloud Computing is a very fascinating concept these days, it is attracting so many organizations to move their utilities and applications into a dedicated data centers, and so it can be accessed from the Internet. This allows the users to focus solely on their businesses while Cloud Computing providers handle the technology. Choosing a best provider is a challenge for organizations that are willing to step into the Cloud Computing world. A single cloud center generally could not deliver large scale of resources for the cloud tenants; therefore, multiple cloud centers need to collaborate to achieve some business goals and to provide the best possible services at lowest possible costs. However a number of aspects, legal issues, challenges, and policies should be taken into consideration when moving our service into the Cloud environment.
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