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Open Access to Scientific Information in Croatia   Ivana Hebrang Grgic

Open Access to Scientific Information in Croatia

116 страниц. 2011 год.
LAP Lambert Academic Publishing
"Open Access may increase both the visibility and impact of research results of a peripheral scientific community. This is the key message of the study of Open Access in Croatia. Croatia is a transition country on a small R&D budget, with low visibility of local journals and with high price barriers to the mainstream scientific information. Using the examples of Hrcak, the Croatian portal of scientific journals, and several repositories, the study illustrates the process of raising awareness and support for Open Access in the Croatian scientific community, among governmental bodies, publishers, scientists, libraries." (Jelka Petrak, PhD) "During the last decade, Open Access has become an important means of communication in science. The author discusses scientific communication, its history and development... and describes two ways of achieving OA. The most valuable part of this book is the study of OA in Croatia, which is the first exhaustive examination of the kind. The author...
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