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RiSE Reference Model for Software Reuse Adoption   VINICIUS GARCIA

RiSE Reference Model for Software Reuse Adoption

212 страниц. 2011 год.
LAP Lambert Academic Publishing
Several companies are planning to invest, or have already invested, money, time and resources in software reuse. Through this investment, these companies expect to improve their competitiveness in the market through reduction of costs and effort, increase their productivity and improvement in the quality and reliability in the software products development. A common problem is that the reuse approaches in the companies are usually considered as technological (environments and tools) and process adoption problem that focus on technical aspects of reuse. However, existing processes present some critical problems such as, are strongly related to specific technologies; demand a high initial investment; and do not define in a systematic and sufficient detailed way the activities, roles, inputs and outputs of the whole process. This book introduces a reuse reference model to aid in reuse assessment and adoption process, based on the state of the art and practice of the area....
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