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Successful GIS Implementation in Municipal Asset Management   Ivo Nkwenji

Successful GIS Implementation in Municipal Asset Management

104 страниц. 2010 год.
LAP Lambert Academic Publishing
Geographic Information System (GIS) technology, over the years, has been utilized as a tool to resolve issues arising from the management of municipal assets. There is always the need to manage asset failures; consequences of failure, based on location; and defendable capital improvement budgets. The use of GIS provides a visual aid to administrators to make quick decisions on critical assets. Although GIS technology has undergone some metamorphosis in the last decade, and shall continue to change drastically in the coming years, its usefulness in managing assets and other problems remain the same. This book is written as a guide to the GIS project manager, with emphasis on the various ingredients needed for successful implementation. It uses case- studies to shed some light on GIS implementation in municipal asset management, and provides in-depth statistical analyses of the various factors responsible for success or failure.
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