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Enterprise Architecture from Concept to Practice   Tiko Iyamu

Enterprise Architecture from Concept to Practice

280 страниц. 2014 год.
LAP Lambert Academic Publishing
Many Information Systems and Technology (IS/IT) practitioners, including the managers, find themselves struggling and challenged with problems, such as integration, consolidation, configuration, development, technology planning and management of software, hardware and processes. Due to these widely shared problems, which have remained over the last decade across the globe, private companies and government bodies as well as academic institutions have come to recognise the need for EA as a possible approach to addressing the above mentioned challenges. This book examined the domains, from business to technical, within the contexts of practice and theory. It provides empirical insights on the concept of EA, from development to implementation, as well as institutionalisation. This includes the ‘disconnects’ that exist in technology deployment, information flow, business and information technology alignment. With thus, a better understanding on why things happen in the way that they do in...
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