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RFID Road   Mahyar Modaresi


64 страниц. 2011 год.
LAP Lambert Academic Publishing
RFID is an emerging technology that has many potential applications in different areas. This book introduces a novel solution for finding the precise location of passive UHF RFID transponders for the application in warehouse management. Additionally, the system can be used as a human-computer interaction device which enables writing and drawing by moving a RFID tag in the air. This introduces a unique solution in which non-clonable RFID tags can be used not only as a secure identification method but also as a device to access the 3D virtual world. The system is based on a commercially off-the-shelf RFID reader with a novel antenna design. The book explains in detail the physical theory behind the system including hardware and software development and is recommended for anyone interested in seeing some of the future potential of RFID applications.
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