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Online Auditing Tool   Bhawna Mallick and Kopal Gakkhar

Online Auditing Tool

212 страниц. 2010 год.
LAP Lambert Academic Publishing
Business processes form an integral part of any organization and they are executed in information systems. Information systems are like black boxes i.e. it is hard to find out what really happens inside the processes executed by these systems. We need to ensure that these processes execute according to the desired behavior at any point of time. The problem is that there are not many auditing tools available to audit processes and auditing has not been looked upon from the viewpoint of mining the logs and verifying business rules on them simultaneously. Therefore, in this book, we come up with the design of an Online Auditing Tool for online auditing of information systems. This OA Tool will not only be able to monitor, analyse and verify the business processes but also interrupt them on the fly. This will be achieved by mining the event logs generated from the execution of business processes, doing conformance checking; and verifying business rules on these event...
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