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An Agent-Oriented practices in Management of Hand-off at MANET   Amjad Mehmood

An Agent-Oriented practices in Management of Hand-off at MANET

84 страниц. 2013 год.
LAP Lambert Academic Publishing
No one could regret that MANET has already proven his mettle in the field of networks. Some of the greatest advantages of MANET are management-less, infrastructure-less environment which makes it cheap, and could exist in any kind of hypothec environment. Despite of the facts, there is more to be done in the field, especially management of hand-off strategies. In-order to provide logical management of the network, author is going to append the functionality of an agent in the MANET territory. An agent has the capabilities of intelligence, interoperability, self-organization, mobility and automaticity etc. Hence by indulging an agent in MANET could provide the intelligence and other characteristics to MANET through an agent. At last combining the two state of the art technologies would improve the management deficits of the MANET. Before this title some other attempts has been made to provide the same, but no one has discussed the same with an agent prospective. Now the agent would...
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