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A Desktop System for Attack-Resistance and Rapid Recovery   Todd Deshane

A Desktop System for Attack-Resistance and Rapid Recovery

124 страниц. 2010 год.
LAP Lambert Academic Publishing
General-purpose computing devices, such as PCs, and the operating systems that run on them provide more functionality and capabilities than most users will ever want or need. Too much of the burden of keeping these computer systems secure is placed on the end users. Users are often required to keep the operating system, applications, security software, and anti-virus definitions up-to-date. Even with the latest security updates, users are still susceptible to the newest exploits. When a system does become compromised, the process of then restoring it to a usable state can frequently result in the loss of personal data stored on the system. Personal data can often only be recovered through repeated effort and in some cases can never be recovered. In addition to problems caused by malicious software (malware), software bugs and conflicting software packages can also cause system instability and data corruption. This book describes a unique desktop system architecture solution to the...
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