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Empirical Investigation of Internet Banking Usage in Turkey   Salva Daneshgadeh and Sevgi Ozkan Y?ld?r?m

Empirical Investigation of Internet Banking Usage in Turkey

128 страниц. 2015 год.
LAP Lambert Academic Publishing
This study is one of the rare empirical studies in Turkey and even in the world which offers its own research model to investigate factors that encourage and accelerate internet banking usage. It makes a contribution to the field by grouping the existing research factors in the current literature and categorizing the factors which convey same meanings.Expert group analysis is another point which differentiates the study from similar researches.The analysis was conducted for grouping current research factors in the literature and determining the research factors of this study.To the best of our knowledge, this study examines the direct effects of alliance services and customization/personalization on internet banking usage for the first time.Therefore,this study can be used as a guideline for both researchers and practitioners.It presents state of the art and the concerns of internet banking users.Therefore,researchers can benefit from it to become familiar with the field and extend...
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