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Developing A Web Community System For Swiss German University   Ardi Tjandra

Developing A Web Community System For Swiss German University

84 страниц. 2012 год.
LAP Lambert Academic Publishing
The primary purpose of this project is to build a web-community system for Swiss German University which is expected to be able to strengthen the sense of unity among SGU community. Besides letting members interact with one another, the system will also be equipped with the ability to recommend members with similar interests to one another. Resource Description Framework (RDF) is used in some parts of the information retrieval processes in order to ease the process and to provide a foundation to apply the semantic web concept. The development of the system follows the spiral model, which incrementally increases the state of the system at each iteration. Several UML models are also utilized to assist the development of the system, to act as a framework that should be followed. The final result is an online community for SGU, which provides a convenient platform for the members to virtually interact with one another.
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