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MS Word, Powerpoint and Excel Tools and Techniques   SUPRIYA MITRA MAJUMDAR

MS Word, Powerpoint and Excel Tools and Techniques

204 страниц. 2012 год.
LAP Lambert Academic Publishing
MS Word is a word processor and MS Excel is a spreadsheet. They serve different purposes. MS Word is used to type letters and documents. In a way, it replaces the old-fashioned typewriter. MS Excel is used to perform calculations and what-if scenarios on data. In a way, it is very sophisticated calculator. MS Word is for creating, and editing text documents. MS Excel is for creating and editing spreadsheets. MS Power Point is for creating and editing presentations. Excel is a spreadsheet, which is used for numerical analysis and doing calculations and many other mathematical and financial things to do with numbers. Word is a word processor, which is used for dealing with text, like writing letters or reports and being able to decide on the colour of text, the size of text; being able to bold or italicise text; run spell checks; etc. This book has enough screenshots with proper step by step explanations of advanced MS Office skills like pivot table, mail merge, macro, v-look up and...
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