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Intelligent Decision Support System for Industrial Enterprises   Eduard Shevtshenko

Intelligent Decision Support System for Industrial Enterprises

108 страниц. 2010 год.
LAP Lambert Academic Publishing
The past few years have showed an increasing interest of companies in a close cooperation with other partners. In the real conditions of Estonian economy, there is a trend towards implementing new technologies in production and service sectors. For this purpose, it is important to start up a research project in the area of enterprise collaboration, and to determine the aspects that could be usable under Estonian conditions. Collaboration should increase the competitiveness of Estonian market on EU markets, due to the use of additional possibilities and resources achieved through the collaboration. The objective of this research work is to propose a new type of framework for decision making in collaborative network of enterprises. This work presents the novel vision of Intelligent Decision Support system, describes the methodology used and presents the results of analysis of computational experiments performed. The new system enables enterprise networks to be less dependent on the...
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