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Efficient RSA Key Generation Protocol in the Two-Party Setting   Angelo Agatino Nicolosi

Efficient RSA Key Generation Protocol in the Two-Party Setting

60 страниц. 2012 год.
LAP Lambert Academic Publishing
The goal of this thesis is the implementation of a fully distributed multiparty computation protocol in a Two-Party setting, secure in the semi-honest model. For each single step in the protocol is expected the participation of two and only two parties. This is among the first implementations of a complete distributed protocol for RSA Composite generation in this setting, on top of which several Secure Multiparty Computation protocols have also been implemented. In this paper it has been shown that using standards approaches the problem turns to be intractable. From this first result, the research moves in several directions, adopting Elliptic Curve-based solutions, avoiding where possible the use of expensive cryptographic operations, and using different cheaper approaches. This has brought to the implementation of the last version of the protocol, which permits to the two parties to securely compute an RSA Composite of at least 2048 bits in 15 minutes in average. Thus, it has...
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