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Vox Populi: generating documentaries from semantically annotated media   Stefano Bocconi

Vox Populi: generating documentaries from semantically annotated media

188 страниц. 2010 год.
LAP Lambert Academic Publishing
The context of this work is one or more online video repositories containing several hours of documentary footage and users possibly interested only in particular topics of that material. In such a setting it is not possible to craft a single version containing all possible topics the user might like to see, unless including all the material, which is clearly not feasible. The main motivation for this work is, therefore, to enable an alternative authoring process for ?lm makers to make all their material dynamically available to users, without having to edit a static ?nal cut. We propose a methodology to automatically organize video material in an edited video sequence with a rhetorical structure. This is enabled by defining an annotation schema for the material and a generation process with the following two requirements: 1) the data repository used by the generation process could be extended by simply adding annotated material to it 2) the ?nal resulting structure of the video...
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