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Role of ICT in Rural Poverty Alleviation   M. Atiqur Rahman

Role of ICT in Rural Poverty Alleviation

60 страниц. 2011 год.
LAP Lambert Academic Publishing
For lack of access to information poor people are facing problems in different ways. If the poor people do not know where employment opportunities are available they cannot get employment. A poor farmer needs to know about input and output market to buy input and sell output. If a farmer doesn’t know where he/she will get the appropriate price for his/her products, he/she will not get the right price. If she/he does not know which seeds will be better for her/his land, she/he will not get the desired yield. If the poor people do not have the information about health related issues and different diseases, they will suffer from ill health. This study explains how the poor people are getting the information from the different media through the Rural Information Centres in Bangladesh and how information are helping them in their efforts at poverty alleviation.
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