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Multi Agent Systems for Artificial Life Domain   Ahmed Elmahalawy

Multi Agent Systems for Artificial Life Domain

172 страниц. 2010 год.
LAP Lambert Academic Publishing
In this work, I focus on the use of Anticipation in Multi Agent Systems (MAS), particularly on a preventive anticipation that consists of anticipating undesirable future situations in order to avoid them. In this thesis designed architecture is intended for intelligent autonomous agents that should behave in a complex Artificial Life (ALife) like environment. The primary motivation behind this research was to propose and integrate Anticipation Approaches in a designed simulator. I implemented 3 different types of Machine Learning Algorithms in my Anticipatory Agent System (Anticipator) to see which one gives the most promising results. (Markov Chain, Neural Net and Genetics Programming). After I included an Adaptation Behaviour Block in my (NMAS) system - it has been solved an Adaptation Anticipatory Multi Agent System (A2MAS). Finally, I suggested a concrete approach to a communication among agents in a system Round Contract (RCont) based on principles of the FIPA Contract Net...
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