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Pharmaceuticals & Clouds: Issues, Prospects and Interrelations   Pritam Das

Pharmaceuticals & Clouds: Issues, Prospects and Interrelations

80 страниц. 2013 год.
LAP Lambert Academic Publishing
Pharmaceutical industry is facing a crisis like never before all through of its value chain. Till date R&D has been the heart of the industry, but now with falling pipeline of new potential drugs, this division too is facing a challenge for existence. This book aims to explore the relevance of cloud computing in pharmaceutical R&D processes. The motivation is that the potential impact of the cloud is not yet fully understood, especially in the pharmaceutical R&D. It tries to find out what innovations can emerge from the application of cloud technology in pharmaceutical R&D. This book focuses on pharmaceutical R&D, cloud and their various issues and prospects. It does an extensive literature review on the two topics to find out what the actual problems are and how they can be dodged. The book also takes into account various opinions of industry experts from both IT and pharmaceutical industry for acquiring the real world scenario. Then it tries to find out various prospects of future...
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