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What Emerging Technologies Work Best to Teach Across the World?   Maureen Lloyd-James

What Emerging Technologies Work Best to Teach Across the World?

140 страниц. 2011 год.
LAP Lambert Academic Publishing
As the cruise industry continues to grow at a rapid pace, additional qualifications for its management personnel are becoming increasingly important. Many new ships are built each year, leaving a void in experienced personnel. The goal of this study was to implement and evaluate delivery of formal coursework to English-speaking, multicultural cruise ship personnel onboard by using emerging technologies that are available today. College-level management courses using Web 2.0 technologies were designed, delivered and evaluated. Two courses were offered each was split into two groups using different technologies. Both groups had intense, positive distant interactions with faculty and had comparable outcomes. The finding was that the cruise industry may well have developed a distinct culture is an important one that may well lead to a better understanding of acculturation. Three weeks proved an ideal length of time for students to complete the 1.5-credit courses. Dividing 4.5-credit...
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