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Visual Basic .Net for novice programmers   Leonard Mselle and Ally Nyamawe

Visual Basic .Net for novice programmers

328 страниц. 2012 год.
In computer programming, concrete models are still a novelty. Recently there have been plausible attempts to employ models to enhance programming comprehension. In this book, a new concrete model called Memory/Mselle Transfer Language (MTL) (invented by Dr. Leonard J. Mselle) is consistently employed to enable the learner and the instructor to reason about his/her code from machine semantics. Such reverse-playing is designed to reduce ambiguity and facilitate comprehension. Furthermore, in this book, issues are organized and presented in a way that enables the learner to feel that he/she is “working the machine” and the machine has no influence on what goes wrong on the code. On the other part, Visual Basic .Net is a programming language that is increasingly becoming popular. For this reason, it is now imperative that books on Visual Basic .Net which are written in a style that encourages self-learning increase in number.
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