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Mouse programming using C/C++   Anil Ahmed

Mouse programming using C/C++

172 страниц. 2011 год.
The book has been written after five years research about a query. In the presence of so many books of Mouse programming using C/C++. One chapter of book also discussed about the fundamentals of computer because before starting programming students have to know about the basic things. Authors of the book have hand on experience of programming. This book is divided in two main portions. First portion is consist is basic thing and Second portion is based on practical mouse programming. We have extensively used pictures to explain the programming ideas in detail; it helps the beginners to build their basic ideas necessary for programming A most important thing of this book is every code mentioned was tested before writing in book. We have tried our best to make book as easy as possible for the beginners. The purpose of this book is to introduce an easy approach and techniques, for the understandability of Mouse programming using C/C++.
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