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Dense feature matching method based on ASIFT   Peter Podbreznik and Bozidar Potocnik

Dense feature matching method based on ASIFT

64 страниц. 2014 год.
LAP Lambert Academic Publishing
The dense matching method based on ASIFT is an efficient method for establishing correspondence between arbitrarily-selected points within two widely-separated views. Its main strength is that it is capable of finding a correspondence, even for pixels, within an area with certain uniform properties, such as similar colours and/or textures. The basic version of this method during its segmentation step presupposes that the segmented regions meet a coplanarity criterion, which is an unattainable requirement for the majority of segmentation methods. Therefore in the upgraded version of this method we have introduced a step for the adaptive adjustment of obtained segmentation results. This step is based on a 3D reconstruction of the initial corresponding points and a search for the minimal number of planes within the 3D space to which these points belong. The dense matching method based on ASIFT can establish correspondence in general situations. The only requirement is that the observed...
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