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The Efficient Processing of Solar Satellite Images   Jamal Zraqou

The Efficient Processing of Solar Satellite Images

188 страниц. 2011 год.
LAP Lambert Academic Publishing
The Sun is of fundamental importance to life on earth and is studied by scientists from many disciplines. It exhibits phenomena on a wide range of observable scales, timescales and wavelengths and due to technological developments there is a continuing increase in the rate at which solar data is becoming available for study which presents both opportunities and challenges. This book investigates the development of new technologies for processing information contained in multiple and overlapping images of the same scene to produce images of improved quality. This area in general is titled Super Resolution (SR), and offers a technique for reducing artefacts and increasing the spatial resolution. Another challenge is to generate 3D images such as Anaglyphs from uncalibrated pairs of SR images. An automated method to generate SR images is presented here. The SR technique consists of three stages: image registration, interpolation and smoothing. Then a method to produce enhanced, near...
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