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Unified Electronic Medical Record   Reem Alotaibi

Unified Electronic Medical Record

104 страниц. 2011 год.
LAP Lambert Academic Publishing
This book discusses the concept of Unified Electronic Medical Record of the patients, which is considered to be the solution or proposal to better serve patients and benefit the healthcare providers through integrated health care which makes it easier and faster for the healthcare providers to access their patients’ complete and more accurate health information. It has been found during the project that the best way to implement this solution (UEMR) is integration between Smart Card and Web-based (Internet Central Repository) System, and the majority of the respondents to the surveys are supporting the implementation of this system. Chapter three of this book discusses the project in detail from both management and information system sides. It explains the analysis and design phases, methodology, research result, conceptual implications, literature review, feasibility analysis, and system structure with some UML diagrams. Since this book is a bachelor's degree graduation project which...
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