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Password Authentication Using Associative Memories   A. S. N. Chakravarthy

Password Authentication Using Associative Memories

188 страниц. 2012 год.
LAP Lambert Academic Publishing
Computer security has become a very important part of human life. Adding to the race authentication counts as an important issue among many access control mechanisms.Password authentication is one of the mechanisms that are widely used to authenticate an authorized user. Normally we assign usernames and passwords to each and every authorized user.The main limitation with traditional password authentication method is that server has to store password table which occupies memory space. As the number of users increases the (user id, password) combinations increases and memory requirement increases. Neural networks have been used recently for password authentication in order to overcome pitfall of traditional password authentication methods. We used Associative memories algorithm for both alphanumeric (Text) and graphical password by which the level of security can be enhanced. This work along with test results shows that converting user password in to Probabilistic values enhances the...
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