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Research Methods in Usability and Interaction Design   Fatih Demir,Musa Karakaya and Hamza Tosun

Research Methods in Usability and Interaction Design

104 страниц. 2012 год.
LAP Lambert Academic Publishing
People are social beings, so it is important that understanding of peoples’ approach and ways of thinking is significantly important while you are designing for them. Relationships between people and technologies and environment that they participate are subject to research in order to determine how their brain functions, how language and other elements affect their understanding and cognition. Of course, there are some important points to cover while researching on human-computer-interaction. Some benefits of usability research would be listed as understanding peoples’ approaches to the context, importance of the current scores, expected improvement areas, expected computing improvements, focus areas that needs to be improvement, features that works and don’t, and user performance. In this book, readers will find research methods including usability, issues in usability, human-computer interaction, and designin for spesific user groups.
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