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Computer Graphics   Syed Asif Ali and Nabiha Faisal

Computer Graphics

96 страниц. 2012 год.
LAP Lambert Academic Publishing
In today's living environment there is a lot of progress and innovations in the discipline of Computer Graphics which was not so in the 1950s. As the field of graphics is extending day by day, we intended to write this book in a manner that beginners may benefit from it in all areas. We started off with a detailed introduction of the topic, tools used, hardware and software requirements. Followed by laying out a proper foundation for coding and the format of OpenGL syntax in particular. This book has been designed in such a manner that it may even serve as a hands-on manual for Computer Graphics students using OpenGL as a tool. By not only setting tasks and encouraging the beginners to execute it in order to get the appropriate results as given in the book, but also providing them with a complete set of codes which they may use or alter as per their requirements. Different algorithms have been included in the book, to help the reader understand the logical and mathematical concepts...
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