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Biometrics for User Authentication Using Artificial Neural Networks   Mais Mohammed Hobi and Sarab Majeed Hameed

Biometrics for User Authentication Using Artificial Neural Networks

108 страниц. 2013 год.
LAP Lambert Academic Publishing
Computer systems and networks are being used in almost every aspect of our daily life, the security threats to computers and networks have increased significantly. Usually, password-based user authentication is used to authenticate the legitimate user. However, this method has many gaps such as password sharing, brute force attack, dictionary attack and guessing. Keystroke dynamics is one of the famous and inexpensive behavioral biometric technologies, which authenticate a user based on the analysis of his/her typing rhythm. In this way, intrusion becomes more difficult because the password as well as the typing speed must match with the correct keystroke patterns. This book considers static keystroke dynamics as a transparent layer of the user for user authentication. Back Propagation Neural Network (BPNN) and the Probabilistic Neural Network (PNN) are used as a classifier to discriminate between the authentic and impostor users. This book is useful for students and staff of...
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