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The Diffusion of Social Informatics   Blessing Mbatha

The Diffusion of Social Informatics

348 страниц. 2011 год.
LAP Lambert Academic Publishing
The study examined the types, interaction, and availability of ICTs in government departments in South Africa in the context of work productivity and creativity. Chapter one defines social informatics. Chapter two audits the ICT infrastructure in South Africa, while chapter three determines the status and challenges of ICT policy in South Africa. Chapter four reviews literature on various uses of ICTs in organizations. Chapter five attempts to filter theories by different authors on the diffusion and adoption of ICTs in different social systems. Chapter six justifies the research methodology by explaining how the research sample was chosen and the method and instrumentation used for data collection. Chapter seven deals with the analysis of data. Chapter eight provides perspectives and an insight into the results. The last chapter (chapter 9) summarizes the salient outcomes of the study, offers conclusions, recommends how the government can harness and improve the efficiency of ICTs,...
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