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Impact of ICT on growth of small enterprises (SEs) in Kenya   JAMES OCHIENG OGALO and Nyangara Asaka Charles

Impact of ICT on growth of small enterprises (SEs) in Kenya

176 страниц. 2011 год.
LAP Lambert Academic Publishing
On the global perspective, it has been realized that ICT is an effective tool in catalyzing and energizing the economic drives in any effective governance. This work assesses the impact of ICT on business growth by determining and exploring the nature of the relationship between ICT adoption and performance of small business enterprises in Kisumu Central Business Districts (CBDs). The study adopted the use of survey research design, and a target population of 481 small enterprises in Kisumu City. A sample size of 144 was obtained for the survey using stratified sampling technique and purposive method. Questionnaires and interviews were the main tools used to collect data. Chi-square test (?2) was used to analyse data. This work emphasizes the formulation of solid policies and procedures that focus on the implementation, data management, accuracy, the assignment of responsibility, security of the entire system in order to reap the benefits of ICT adoption.
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