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Filamentarity Analysis of Three-Dimensional Data   Boris Efraty

Filamentarity Analysis of Three-Dimensional Data

144 страниц. 2014 год.
Scholars' Press
Advances in technology now enable researchers to easily acquire multi-channel three-dimensional images. On-going pioneering research in 3D image processing and visualization encompasses a broad spectrum of activities. However, processing, analyzing, and displaying these data can often be difficult and time consuming. This book contains some of the tools and techniques that are available to accomplish these tasks.It focuses on a very special type of data,which is typically very noisy and may contain filamentary faint structures such as line segments and smooth curves. The research focuses on the following objectives: development of algorithms for computation of the beamlet transform, developing tools for efficient signal rep-resentation, studying the beamlet dictionary approximation properties for image classification by filamentary characteristics and development of feature detection algorithms. This book focuses on applying Beamlet methods for the problem of dim target multi-frame...
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