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Mapping of Algorithms on Parallel Architectures   Keny T. Lucas and Prasanta K. Jana

Mapping of Algorithms on Parallel Architectures

140 страниц. 2011 год.
LAP Lambert Academic Publishing
This book is very useful for the scholars who are interested in the field of parallel computing at large and specifically in Opto-electronic Interconnection system (OTIS). OTIS has attracted many scientists and researches because of hybrid structure and hierarchical properties and extensive literature is also available. In this book, we have presented various parallel algorithms for problems including Lagrange interpolation, Durand-Kerner root finding, sorting, all-to-all communication, single-source shortest path routing and conflict graph construction on different OTIS models. In mapping these algorithms, intensive data movements are required over the intra-group links (electronic) as well as inter-group links (optical). Therefore, to analyze the time complexity of the proposed algorithms, we count the data movements through the electronic links as electronic moves and through the optical links as OTIS moves. We have also compared our work with the existing algorithms proposed by...
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