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Teaching Core Skills of Troubleshooting, in Network & System Problems   Zahid Nawaz

Teaching Core Skills of Troubleshooting, in Network & System Problems

92 страниц. 2015 год.
LAP Lambert Academic Publishing
This book presents a Framework and Management Tool that allows instructors to teach students how to troubleshoot the systems by creating an environment that systematically assign different problems to each Virtual Machine (VM). The students can then interact with this VM and learn how to debug problems. System Administration is an emerging academic discipline, yet there remains no commonly accepted approach to teaching the core skill of troubleshooting system problems. The research produced two core results, a proposed “Pedagogical Framework” to guide the teaching process, and a “Network Laboratory Management Tool” that is a proof of pedagogical Framework. As a network system administration teacher you many need to create many small virtual networks to teach a networking class to help student understand and debug SDNs. My suggested tool would be helpful to install and configured virtual machines automatically. You do not need to do all manually steps by your own self. In a nutshell...
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