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Full Data Controlled Web Based Feed Aggregator   Haruna Isah

Full Data Controlled Web Based Feed Aggregator

80 страниц. 2012 год.
LAP Lambert Academic Publishing
Web feed syndication is analogous to electronic newsletters, both are aimed at delivering feeds to subscribers; the difference is that while newsletter subscription requires e-mail and exposed users to spam and several security challenges, feed syndication ensures that subscribers get only what they requested for. This research investigate the state of the art of web feed aggregation technology and the development of a locally hosted or intranet based feed aggregator as a tool for getting news update, research, information sharing, rapid alert, product promotion and advertising using the core features of WordPress; the software was further enhanced with plugins and widgets for user management, dynamic content publishing, database and object caching, social web syndication, mobile device detection, back-up and maintenance. The results highlight the current developments in software re-use and describes; how open source content management systems can be used for both online and offline...
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