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Design and Development of Semantic Web Services   Rabia Arshad and Amjad Farooq

Design and Development of Semantic Web Services

92 страниц. 2012 год.
LAP Lambert Academic Publishing
The growth of applications over the network where user needs system to system interaction, created the need for a structure which provided interaction not only with the user but also help application to application interaction. This problem has a common name of Application Integration. It can be resolved using Service Oriented Architecture, Enterprise Applications and Web Services.But it is a clear observation that the world is a global village and the numbers of services on the web are increasing day byday. Because of this increasing number, a problem is raised to find an appropriate web service which satisfies user needs. The user wants an efficient way to find an appropriate web service which satisfied his needs in a short time.in this book we describe an efficient technique to find appropriate web services but still it does not cover all semantic web search because it does nnot incorporate all techniques used before this for seaarching of seamantic web services.
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