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The Complete Guide to Framing   Jenny Rodwell & George Short

The Complete Guide to Framing

195x270 144 страниц. 1986 год.
Quatro Publishing Ltd
Whether a gilded border of ornate decorations or a simple band of metal, the frame plays a major role in the --J total visual impact of an artpiece, enhancing or seriously distorting the overall effect of the image. The most suitable choice is not always the most obvious one and this book offers valuable guidelines on selecting frames for a wide variety of artpieces, including the three-dimensional. In many cases you will be unable to find a perfectly suitable ready-made frame and will want to make your own. The Complete Guide to Framing tells you how. The basic principles and techniques of framing and matting are clearly explained and step-by-step illustrated instructions guide you through all the foundation skills of picture framing, from measuring the artpiece to giving your frames a special finish. A large project section, covering a wide range of framing techniques, will enable you to complete different types of frame for different types of artwork. There is a section on...
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