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The Online Management Information System for UNEB   Herbert Kayitale

The Online Management Information System for UNEB

80 страниц. 2012 год.
LAP Lambert Academic Publishing
According to the growing increase in the use and utilization of information technology in Uganda in different sectors, ministries and departments to solve the vast work in data storage, use and dissemination, it was found out by the researchers that UNEB as a body that handles sensitive data deserved an online computerized system to avoid data loss, improve data security and increase timely data transmission. This was resolved after the study of the current system that was basically manual with a lot of paper work and poor methods of data delivery to the final person as UNEB incurs great losses in transportation of officers purposely to deliver letters to schools and to the DEOs, and even HOS (Head Of Schools) traveling to UNEB to pick and receive information which is so hectic and costly. The developed system considers and emphasizes the following; • Investigates and critically analyses the problems of the current system and provides the best solution. • Implements ways of...
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