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Symmetric Encryption-Algorithm, Analysis and Applications   Pawan Kumar Jha and J. K. Mandal

Symmetric Encryption-Algorithm, Analysis and Applications

452 страниц. 2011 год.
LAP Lambert Academic Publishing
This book prescribed various low computation based symmetric encryption techniques which has major relevance in terms of security in modern day’s utilities. Starting from introductory definitions, six symmetric techniques RCA, RKR, RSKA, CAOPB, RMOPB and CRKRTAB, their analysis and usages are described. Five are cyclic and rest is cascaded in nature. Various parametric tests such as Chi Square, frequency distribution are applied and analyzed along with secrete and session key based encryption process. For the purpose of easy understanding examples are associated with each along with the algorithmic presentation of the techniques. Comparisons are also made to visualize the relative performances. The book is aimed at the graduate students, researchers’ and practicing professionals. Features presented make the book ideal text for computer science, computer applications, electronics people and practicing engineer’s valuable reference source.
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