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Cricket Batsman Performance Evaluator using Fuzzy Logic   Gursharan Singh

Cricket Batsman Performance Evaluator using Fuzzy Logic

216 страниц. 2012 год.
LAP Lambert Academic Publishing
Cricket is amongst the most popular sports. Sports persons’ performance evaluation is a critical issue and the parameters used for this purpose are vague and imprecise. Performance of players directly affects their ranking internationally. Measuring the performance based on crisp input values and rules based on those crisp values tend to indicate the overall performance of the player in a misleading manner. This research work proposes tools based on fuzzy inference system and fuzzy cognitive maps to evaluate the performance of cricket players. Various input parameters have been considered which are scaled using linguistic variables and a very simple yet effective software tool is developed to compute the effect of input parameters on the ranking of the players. Working with two related yet different techniques allows to compare and contrast the tools and finally produce a tool that can be acceptable in a variety of sports fields with minor changes. Very simple and effective graphical...
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