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Managing Computerised Clinical Practice Guidelines   Kudakwashe Dube

Managing Computerised Clinical Practice Guidelines

288 страниц. 2010 год.
LAP Lambert Academic Publishing
Clinical practice guidelines (CPGs) are mainly paper or text-based statements that are systematically developed to guide the clinician and patient in decision-making. Supporting computerised CGP management for incorporation into the routine used daily by clinicians presents major computing and information management challenges. This book is unique in approaching computerised CGP management by incorporating manipulation (operations and queries), in addition to their specification and execution, as part of a single unified management framework where other works have tended to focus only on specification and execution. The main contributions of this work are: a generic and unified framework for the management of CGPs, a general platform and an advanced software mechanism for the unified management of computerised CGPs and an important requirement for generic active functionality within the computerised CPG management systems.
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