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UX in mobile phones to ensure customer satisfaction and loyalty   Kalimullah Khan

UX in mobile phones to ensure customer satisfaction and loyalty

96 страниц. 2011 год.
LAP Lambert Academic Publishing
User experience (UX) is ubiquitous and omnipresent. Technology success is conditional to both subjective and objective requirements satisfaction. It is often very challenging to evaluate UX subjectively, because it includes both pragmatic and hedonic aspects of technology use. Knowing users’ perceptions after a product use is very challenging. Various methodologies are designed to evaluate non-instrumental aspects of technology but still there is a need to evaluate overall UX. Overall UX measures product utility, usability, identity, aesthetics, stimulation and value aspects. Researcher has tried to identify methods and tools to measure Overall users’ experience from all perspectives to improve product form to ensure customer satisfaction and loyalty. For this purpose SDM is employed for the first time to measure overall UX. It is found that SDM is easy, less time consuming, less expert knowledge required and more reliable than surveys and other self reporting techniques....
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