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Information Systems and User Performance   Ahed Abugabah and Louis Sanzogni

Information Systems and User Performance

412 страниц. 2013 год.
LAP Lambert Academic Publishing
Throughout the history of information systems (IS), a persistent interest to form accurate insights into how users interact with the systems themselves to perform tasks has remained. A fundamental question for business managers is how to obtain better performance out of end-users and what system factors must be managed to improve it. The book provides an evaluation of the impacts of information systems on end user performance. It contains a deep literature review of IS and performance at both organizational and user levels by applying IS theory in Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) system contexts. The book also discusses the main IS models and provides a framework for measuring and evaluating information systems in business organizations, highlighting the most commonly used research methods in IS research during the last decades. The book will help readers understand the impact of information systems on end user performance and how IS should be evaluated with a special focus on ERP...
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