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Supporting Collaborative Work through ICT   Bahlol Rahimi

Supporting Collaborative Work through ICT

164 страниц. 2010 год.
LAP Lambert Academic Publishing
Health information systems (HISs) are implemented to support individual, organizations, and society, making work processes integrated and contributing to increase service quality and patient safety. However, the outcomes of many HIS implementations in both primary care and hospital settings have either not met yet all the expectations decision-makers identified or have failed in their implementation. There is therefore a growing interest in increasing knowledge about prerequisites to be fulfilled in order to make the implementation and adoption of HIS more effective and to improve collaboration between health care providers. The general purpose of this book is to explore issues related to the implementation, use, and adoption of HISs and its contribution for improving inter- and intra-organizational collaboration in a health care context. The studies included have, however, different research objectives and consequently used different research methods such as case study, literature...
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