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Developing Trust in Ride Sharing System   Maria Mushtaq,Hamid Turab Mirza and Adnan Ahmad

Developing Trust in Ride Sharing System

144 страниц. 2015 год.
LAP Lambert Academic Publishing
Theme of work proposes an artificial transport system which composes traffic & mobility management on the terms of trust and security. It is an innovative technology which symbolizes intelligence such as, manages traffic and enable users to have a better informed and safer travelling with the properties of coordinated and smart use of transport networks. A person who travels from an origin to destination may share his ride with different people of same route, such a system is known as dynamic ride sharing. It means that people can make decisions of travelling in every span of time. Those people may have their own level of requirements, feasibilities, preferences and acquaintances. Trust is a property which is being analyzed in dynamic ride sharing where people were provided a healthy and clean environment of travelling.People were assumed trustworthy on their past experiences and scenarios. Intentions of willingness and attitudes toward trusting people are observed with the help of...
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