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Первая галерея. Moscow   Владимир Горянов, Сергей Мироненко, Gija Rigvava, Евгений Митта

Первая галерея. Moscow

245x295 112 страниц. 1990 год.
Olograf Edizioni
Еhe concept has little or nothing to do with age. It is almost impossible to define a point in time beyond which a young artist ceases to be young. The early discoveries of Picasso or Larionov were of a depth and maturity that made the age of the artist totally irrelevant. By contrast, many artists biographies didn't take off until a fairly advanced age. And what about the many people in the art world who were never young at all? Thus, the phenomenon cannot be defined through chronological statistics. On the other hand, formal characteristics of style are also powerless to define the art of the young. For what young people present for public scrutiny is largely eclectic - a motley paraphrase, as it were, of the formal trends and patterns that exist today or existed in the past. More often than not, the message is a rejection of past experience, which is seldom taken to the point of a positive programme.
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